Why taking backup of your website is so important

Website Backup
Website Backup

Your website is up and running fine now. Wait, do you have a backup of your website ?

Here is why taking backup of your website is very important. Today many websites get hacked easily inspite of using popular softwares like wordpress, etc.,

Most of them think their web hosting company will provide them a backup in case of emergency. But actually most of the hosting companies do not provide the latest backup of a website due to various reasons.

So, its very essential that you have a backup of your website in your local pc or stored in google drive.

So how to backup ?

If you have cPanel web hosting, then its very easy to take a backup of your website.

Method 1 :

Just login to cPanel and go to Backup section.

You can download the Home directory and the mysql databases. Then keep the downloaded files in a safe location either in your pc or in google drive or box or dropbox.

Method 2 :

Alternatively you can also go to File Manager -> open folder public_html, then select all the files and folders, Compress it into a zip file, then download the zip file.

You can open phpmyadmin, click on a database , then click export and save the file.

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