How to create a ecommerce website


You can start an ecommerce website within minutes using this guide. This guide will teach you how to create a ecommerce website.

Total Cost : Rs.1619 per year ( For .in domain registration and hosting at ; this will vary based on the hosting provider)

Software Used : Opencart  ( No cost as opencart is Opensource )

Approx Time Required : 1 hour (Time for your website to go live with sample products)

First you have to decide a brand name for your ecommerce website and register the domain name. You can buy the domain name as well as a hosting plan from the same company.

Your hosting company will provide you a cPanel account. If the cPanel account has a once click installer, you can install opencart by yourself. Other wise, you can request the hosting company to install Opencart software for you.

What is Opencart?

Opencart is a free, opensource ecommerce software. You can create a web store using opencart in minutes.

What is Opencart

Once you install opencart in your website, you will get a fully working ecommerce website in no time.

To see what you will get exactly, click this opencart demo.

Opencart Demo

This is amazing right !

During the installation, admin username and password is set so that you can login to the admin panel and manage your store. Check the admin demo : Both username and password is demo

Opencart Admin


How to change the logo, store info and contact info ?

Login to the admin : Go to Systems -> Settings -> Click Edit button

You can edit the Store name, owner and address.

You can change the store logo by clicking the Image tab.

How to change store info in opencart

How to change the store currency to Indian rupee ? ( .. to be continued )

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