12 Digital Marketing Tools for your startup

Digital marketing Tools for your startup

So, you have an website for your startup or business, what next? How do you promote your website and get traffic? Use these digital marketing tools for your startup.

1.Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Website : www.google.com/analytics

Cost : FREE


2.  Zopim Live chat or Tawk.to live chat

zopim live chatZopim Website : www.zopim.com


Tawk.to Website: www.tawk.to



Cost : FREE


3. Google Search console

search console

Website: www.google.com/webmasters

Cost : FREE


4. Facebook Advertising


Website: www.facebook.com/business

Cost : As low as Rs.100  per day or as per your budget


5. Google Adwords


Website: www.google.com/adwords

Cost : As low as Rs.100  per day or as per your budget


6. Twitter


Website: www.twitter.com

Cost : FREE


7. Zoho CRM and Zoho Mail



Zoho CRM Website : www.zoho.com/crm

Cost : FREE

Zoho Mail


Zoho Mail Website : www.zoho.com/mail

Cost : FREE


8. Mailchimp


Website: www.mailchimp.com

Cost : FREE


9. Payu Money or Instamojo



Website: www.payumoney.com

Cost : FREE

instamojo          Website: www.instamojo.com

Cost : FREE


10. WordPress


Website: www.wordpress.org

Cost : FREE


11. Zapier


Website: www.zapier.com

Cost : FREE


12. Hotjar


Website: www.hotjar.com

Cost : FREE


Start using all these essential tools and grow your business.

If you need any help in using these tools, just send us an email to support@hostifier.co and we are happy to help you.

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