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All the hosting plans include the world's best and the most popular control panel - cPanel.

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What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service provided by various web hosting companies to individuals and businessess to host their website files in a secure server.

To host a website, you need servers connected to internet. A server is nothing but a high configuration computer with huge ram and powerful processors.

Running a server at home or office is very very expensive. Several servers are housed in a single place called data centre. There are several data centres across the world. A data centre has a 7 layers of security. Data centres have backup electricity, high speed and reliable internet, cooling systems, security, etc.,

There are three type of web hosting plans: Shared web hosting, VPS (Virtual Private) Server and Dedicated server. Getting a shared web hosting from a web hosting company is very very economical and cheap.

In shared web hosting, a single server is shared with several clients making it the affordable hosting option for individuals and businesses. Control of the server is very limited.

In VPS or Virtual Private Server, a server is divided into equal physical divisions thereby guraneteed resources like RAM and processors is alloted to each client. Client has more control over the server.

In Dedicated server, an entire single server is given to a single client thereby providing powerful performance and complete control.

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